10 Crazy Wine Tastings You and Your Girls Need, ASAP!

10 Crazy Wine Tastings You and Your Girls Need, ASAP!
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There's no such thing as a bad wine tasting. It's not possible.

But if you're looking for something a little different than having sensible sips of wine in a quiet little vineyard, there are so many options.

From full blown wine experiences to wacky vino traditions, here's a list of crazy wine tastings you will not want to miss.

Winter Wine Fest - Wisconsin

The Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery holds a Winter Wine Fest, cause just cause it's cold doesn't mean you can't have wine. Their grapes are bred to withstand the freezing cold, so they celebrate with music, food, and wine served at an ice bar. Hey, if you're going to be cold, it's better with a glass of wine in your hand.

Art & Wine at the Bellagio

"What did we do in Vegas? Well, we just enjoyed a selction of wines and the finest artwork from the masters at the Bellagio," you could say after having the classiest trip to Vegas ever. You don't have to say that after the wine tasting you went to Chippendales and carried around a giant margarita the rest of the night.

Wine and Popcorn Tasting - Illinois

Lynfred Winery in Illinois loves to have a little fun with their vino. In addition to having an annual Octoberfest (it doesn't have to be for just beer), they offer a wide range of unusual tastings. Who wouldn't want good wine and gourmet popcorn?

Wine Under the Sea! - San Fransisco

Well, not quite under a sea, but you can drink your wine in a real submarine. An old World War II naval base in San Fransisco has been partially turned into the Sottomarino Winery. Why would you want to drink wine on a submarine? Who cares why, there's wine there!

In Depth Wine and Cuisine Adventure - Amalfi Coast

This one goes deep. If you take the Amalfi Coast Local Living Tour, you'll spend days hiking, trying local wine, regional food, and even staying in homes of locals to get the real deal Italian experience. If you want a vacation all about wine and culture, this is 1000% perfect.

Sharks and Wine - South Africa

Sharks and wine aren't the most obvious pairing, but Cape Town, South Africa has a very adventurous way to enjoy your wine. First, you go on a shark cage dive, where you can get a selfie with a shark. Then, you're taken to a fine wine tasting to sample to best of South Africa's vino. It's too bad you can't drink the wine first.

Wine Therapy - Italy

Le Tre Vaselle in Italy offers a bunch of spa treatments that all revolve around wine. From wine baths to a foot massage with wine nectar, you finally have an excuse to fully cover yourself in the wonderful elixir. 

Marathon du Medoc - France

Every marathon should be like this. You run 26 miles through 52 vineyards in Bordeaux, France. Along the way you taste different wines. Plus, every year they have a different theme, so people are typically dressed up in funny costumes as they drunkenly run through France.

Bacara Crush - California

At the Bacara resort, you can get the full wine making experience. You help sort the grapes, walk through the vines and even assist with making the wine itself (no stomping on grapes for this one). After this tour, you really feel like you earned your glass of Merlot.

St. Augustine Spanish Wine Festival - Florida

If you've ever wanted to be doused in a Super Soaker full of wine, then your dream has come true. The St. Augustine Spanish Wine Festival ends with the Batalla de Vinos where 2000 people wear white and squirt the crap out of each other with wine. Also, they have over 120 wines to taste and a ton of great food. This is how you should do an adult spring break (in September).

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