10 Of Miranda Lambert's Most Beautiful, Amazing & Electrifying Tracks

10 Of Miranda Lambert's Most Beautiful, Amazing & Electrifying Tracks

Miranda Lambert is one of the most talented women in country music. Her spunky personality with that twang in her voice has landed her on the top of the charts numerous times and that is no surprise. Whether you like her soft and sweet songs or the ones with a little rock and roll, she has proven to us that she can do no wrong. Here are some of our favorite Miranda Lambert tracks.

Somethin' Bad

When Miranda Lambert teamed up with Carrie Underwood to create this track, you knew something very good was about to happen.

Over You

"Over You" is one track that we just can't seem to get over! It's seriously such a beautiful number with a stunning video.


This song just makes you want to get up and dance. Kick off those boots and get moving!

The House That Built Me

"The House That Built Me" is one of those songs that gives you nostalgia. Listen to the lyrics and it will take you back to your childhood and hometown.

More Like Her

This song is a beautiful ballad of a broken heart. Comparing yourself to someone else...you can't get more real than that. 


Something about this song puts you in a relaxed mood. The guitar break is something else! Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a bar having a drink and sitting back listening to her perform. 

Little Red Wagon

The best revenge on an ex is getting skinny and releasing a hot track. That's just what Miranda did after her breakup with Blake Shelton with this song. 

White Liar

This song is so catchy and fun to sing along with. Liars...they always give you great material to write about.

Famous In A Small Town

If you're a small town boy or girl, you can certainly relate to this song. It's so real and such a great song to sing along to in the car or in the kitchen. 

Mama's Broken Heart

This song gives you a little bit of her spunk and rock and roll attitude. Her commentary and the off-beat arrangement is what makes this stellar song stand out.

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