10 Ways To Disguise T Crap In Your House

10 Ways To Disguise T Crap In Your House
One Good Thing By Jillee

No matter how clean you try to be, there's always tons of junk around your house. Some of it you can't help. You gotta keep all your cords and chargers and kids toys somewhere.

Though it seems like you might end up living in a disaster area for the rest of your life, there are ways to fix the constant clutter. Or at least cover it up so it looks nice.

Here's ten ways to pretty up all the junk around your home.

Hide Those Cords

We have a million cords! So many chargers and they always look like crap. But just take a simple shoebox, cute it up, and add some holes and the cord catastrophe is gone.

Get more info at Her Campus.

Router Coverup

Oh look at that classy literature I have in my home! Oh wait, it's hiding my ugly wireless router. This tip is genius cause it fully hides the router and makes your house look a little smarter.

Get more info at Apartment Therapy.

Hide That Fuse Box

The metallic grey doors of a fuse box don't go with any decor. So cover it up. Use any wall art or framed photo that's big enough and attach hinges.

Get more info at Little Things.

Crap Buckets

First of all, we love the name crap buckets. Secondly, this is a cute way to have an easy place for your kid's endless junk. They might not put their stuff away where it actually belongs, but just shoving it in a basket, any child can do. 

Get more info at Remarkable Home.

Redesign Your Fridge

Changing the look of your fridge sounds super complicated, maybe impossible. But there's lots of ways to do it and some are actually easy. From painting with chalkboard paint to covering it in contact paper, you can transform your kitchen without some crazy remodel.

Get more info at DIY for Life.

Pet Food Cabinet

Even if you've had your pet for years, you'll still kick over it's food bowls on the reg. This pet food cabinet offers such a great solution. And don't worry, you don't have to craft a cabinet by hand. You basically take anything with drawers and use a drawer for food. So easy!

Printer Cover Up

Sure, this still looks a little like a printer, but it looks way nicer with the wooden touch. Plus, you can trick your friends into thinking you have a hand made wooden printer and laugh when they believe you.

Get more info at Cleverly Inspired.

Study Hideaway

If you have a loft bed, this is the perfect way to have your desk space while still keeping it cute. Plus, doing work behind silky curtains sounds pretty amazing. 

Get more info at Gurl.

DIY Glitter Outlet Cover

Anything that adds glitter to your home is great. This DIY outlet cover is simple and it works for light switch plates, too.

Get more info at Faithfully Free.

Make Your Bath Products Classy

Until you switch over to cute containers or pump bottles, you never realize how ugly all your bath products are. But dumping them into some cheap matching bottles instantly makes your bathroom look more organized and refined. Plus, you can put off brand stuff in the guest bathroom and they'll never know.

Get more info at The Chic Site.

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