6 Women On How Often They Expect Their Guy To Eat Them Out

6 Women On How Often They Expect Their Guy To Eat Them Out

For some women, they want oral sex to be an every day occurrence. For others, oral is the absolute last thing they want. What about you? How often do you want your man to eat you out? Once a week? Every other month? Every day? Go ahead and mull over your answer while reading this article. Here are six women on how often they expect their guy to take care of business, down there:

She's Not Picky

"I don't think there should be a premeditated number, but whenever you're feeling it, he should do it." - Ashlee, 31

She Would Prefer If It Never Happened

"Oh god, never! I hate oral sex." - Taylor, 28

She Knows Exactly What She Wants

"I am obsessed with oral sex. I need it at least two out of every five sexual encounters." - Emily, 26

She's Not Really Interested

"Hmmm, I don't really expect that. I'm not a huge fan of oral." - Bianca, 35

She Wants It All The Time

"I want oral sex every time I have P and V sex. So, everyday...if I'm lucky." - Jenny, 27

She's Usually Left Dissapointed

"I expect it at least once every few weeks. Do I get it as often? NO!" - Kristy, 29

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