Beyond Banksy - 10 Pieces of Outstanding Street Art

Beyond Banksy - 10 Pieces of Outstanding Street Art
Streetartnews via Instagram Artist Martin Whatson

If you think of great works of art, your mind usually goes towards paintings made over a hundred years ago. They're also probably hanging in some huge museum in Europe. Despite that, there's amazing art all around us that we often ignore.

We're talking about graffiti. Graffiti's become a really negative label,  but it goes beyond tagging and writing the F word on the side of a building. There are tons of artists doing amazing work on the streets all over the world. And it's not just Banksy.

Here's a look at some truly amazing street art that people walk past every day.

Hoxxoh's Kaleidoscope

It's like a high end version of Bugs Bunny painting a tunnel on the side of a wall for Elmer Fudd to run into. Hoxxoh is a street artist in France who specializes in kaleidoscopic art.

Smiling Giant

This huge mural still manages photorealistic details despite it's size. Seek this out if you're ever in Glasgow, Scotland.


Fin DAC is a prolific street artist who has murals around the world. You can check out more of his work here.


Pejac created this piece in 2011 titled "Dust." It's so simple, but strangely moving. This would be hard to ignore on your walk to work.

Art From Ruin

In Athens, an artist creates this beautiful piece from a building in ruins. Truly proves that loveliness exists where you least expect it.

Comedie De Paris

It's not surprising that there's a lot of street art in Paris. This style is far different from whats hanging in the Louvre, but brings fun and lightness to the street.

Stencil Art

How the scratchy lines and varied colors all manage to come together to make such a realistic face is fascinating!

Santa Muerte

Artist Andrew Wallas created this beautiful Dia Des Los Muertos inspired wall.


Yoda said "Do. Or do not. There is no try". Apparently this artist disagrees. Sometimes that's all you need to hear.

Mega Zee

Dallas, TX hosts this great piece. It's remarkable how it looks like a penciled drawing with such delicate details when half of the canvas is a doorway.

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