10 Adorable Mini-Cakes Recipes

10 Adorable Mini-Cakes Recipes

Mini-cakes. Oh, how adorable! These cakes are the perfect invention, since we all know that even though we could eat a whole cake... we probably shouldn't. These mini-cakes master the idea of small size, big taste. They layer flavor upon flavor in each bite. The best thing about these cakes is you don't have extra cake laying around the house for days. We came up with a large variety of delicious mini-cakes to get you excited! From chocolate to pumpkin, we have everything here. Happy baking!

1. Black Forest Mini-Cakes

Black forest is the blend of rich chocolate and juicy cherries. Mix these together in this mini-cake with layers of cherry syrup in between chocolate cake. Top with pastry cream, chocolate shavings, and fresh cherries.

Find this recipe at Sugar Hero.

2. Pink Raspberry Vanilla Mini-Cake

Fresh and fluffy vanilla cake with layers of butter cream icing and raspberry jam. I couldn't imagine a more fresh cake.

Find this recipe at livforcake.

3.Mint Chocolate Mini-Cake

These decadent mini-cakes use espresso powder, mint extract, cocoa powder, sour cream, and heavy cream in the recipe, so you know it is going to be good. These cakes are then drenched in a chocolate ganache.

Find this recipe at The Kitchen Mccabe.

4. Matcha Mini Cheesecake

Try this green tea and oreo cheesecake topped with a white chocolate covered strawberry for an unusual, but addictive flavor combo

Find this recipe at Jo Cooks.

5. Mini Brownie Butter Cake

This mini-cake has a dark chocolate brownie base topped with a layer of butter cake. This recipe is super easy to follow, but beware... you may want more than one!

Find this recipe at Rasa Malaysia.

6. Guava Mango Passion Fruit Cake

This cake is a tropical vacation on a plate. Mix together layers of cake made with juice concentrate, fruit curd, and delicious whipped cream filling.

Find this recipe at Dessert First Girl.

7. Mini Pumpkin Layer Cake

Pumpkin Lovers, we haven't forgotten you! This mini pumpkin layer cake will make you smile with its vanilla bean layered frosting. Who says pumpkin is only for Autumn?!

Find this recipe at Cake Merchant.

8. Mini Chocolate, Nutella Ganache & Hazelnut Praline Layer Cake

The best part about this mini-cake is its layers of hazelnut praline throughout the WHOLE cake, not just on top! Try this chocolate, cake drenched in Nutella ganache next time you want to splurge.

Find this recipe at Domestic Gothess.

9. Rose Orange and Cardamom Mini Cake

This simple recipe uses a buttercream cake recipe but adds in orange zest and orange JUICE! You'll definitely want to try this.

Find this recipe at The Kitchn.

10. Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes

The most adorable of the mini-cakes, in my opinion! This cake is strawberry shortcake's fancy relative. The recipe for these cakes is very easy to follow and calls for very little ingredients. Sponge cake filled with a creamy icing and jam topped with fresh raspberries. It sounds and looks amazing.

Find this recipe at Oh How Civilized

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