10 Awesomely Bad Movies to Watch When You're Feeling Down

10 Awesomely Bad Movies to Watch When You're Feeling Down

There's nothing fun abut feeling like crap, whether it's stress that's bringing you down, or depressing relationship issues, finding something that brings you a little bit of joy can do wonders for your mood. We recommend watching a few bad movies to get your spirits up, the movies on this list are so bad, they're actually pretty enjoyable. So the next time you're down in the dumps grab some popcorn and watch one of these awesomely bad films.

Grease 2

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This lackluster sequel to one of the best movie musicals in history has a ridiculous plot, a few grossly uncharismatic characters, and tons of played out high school movie tropes. But it also features a young Michelle Pfeiffer, a few extremely catchy musical numbers, and the perfect amount of mindless camp to make it onto this list.

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Beyonce is many things, she's beautiful, a stellar performer, and a genuinely awesome person, but she's definitely not the best actress. This movie, which basically plays out like some sort of terrifyingly bad soap opera is worth it, if only because it features Idris Elba in all of his gorgeous glory and you get to see Queen Bey kick some serious ass at the end.

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The slightly campy concept behind Burlesque actually isn't so bad, Christina Aguilera's gorgeous voice over a backdrop of cool burlesque dance numbers, and Cher in a leading role! Sounds good! The plot is definitely cheesy and a little boring, but there's tons of amazing eye-candy and some admittedly adorable romance scenes to make it worth the watch.

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An awful late 90's horror movie featuring J.Lo and Ice Cube, what's not to love? The acting is definitely awful and the plot couldn't be any less scary, but listening to Jon Voight's hilarious accent and seeing musicians try (and fail) at acting well is enough to brighten anyone's day.

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From the ridiculous plot that isn't at all true to the comics, to having to watch Halle Berry eat cat food...this movie is definitely bad. Of course, Halle Berry in that awesome leather suit, Sharon Stone appearing as a total badass (as always), and just enough mindless chuckle inducing moments make this movie a no-brainer.
From Justin to Kelly

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If you were around to see Kelly Clarkson win the very first season of American Idol, From Justin to Kelly is a hilariously awful walk down one cheesy memory lane. Awful costumes, even worse hair, and some truly mediocre song and dance numbers make this movie downright crappy. But nostalgia and our unending love of Kelly Clarkson redeem it...kind of.

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One of the best bad movies to come out in recent history, Sharknado makes no secret of the fact that it's downright stupid. The premise is ridiculous, the acting is unbelievable, and Tara Reid is the human embodiment of 'WTF'. Either way, man-eating sharks and awful production value make for one entertaining watch.
A Night at The Roxbury

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As with any film that starts off as an only slightly funny SNL skit, A Night at The Roxbury is completely ridiculous. That said, there are some genuinely funny moments, Will Ferrell is definitely at his peak, and THAT. SONG. is iconic as hell.
Jupiter Ascending

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The acting in this film isn't even that bad, but the plot is super rushed and it barely makes sense. Though seeing Channing Tatum as some sort of creepy space werewolf and watching actual Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne overact for his life is too damn funny to pass up.
The Entire Twilight Franchise

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Every single one of these movies is mindless and ridiculous to the point of being offensive, but after a few hours of watching Robert Pattinson sparkle like he's covered in dollar store crystals and Kristen Stewart's constant look of constipation you'll definitely appreciate your life more.

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