10 Key Style Pieces That are Worth the Splurge

10 Key Style Pieces That are Worth the Splurge
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Disposable fashion is a way of life these days. We pick up a $20 item at a well-known fast fashion retailer, wear it once or twice, then it either sits in the back of our closets untouched, or we toss it. But as we get a bit older, we start to realize that those pieces are not the ones that make us feel like our best selves. In fact, putting on a dress that we fell in love with for 5 minutes only to realize we now hate it, can over time clutter your closet and make you feel as if you have nothing good to wear. We're not saying you can no longer shop for bargains. We're just saying that it is worth the investment to splurge on a few key pieces that you will continue to wear for years.

1. A Black Blazer

Shop: Net-a-porter

A well-made, tailored black blazer is one of those pieces that you can throw on over almost any outfit and come out look instantly polished. That is unless the blazer is made from a cheap fabric with fraying buttonholes and a wrinkled collar. Take the time and money to find one that suits you, get it tailored, and go forth a more put-together, stylish woman!

2. A Suit

Shop: Banana Republic

There comes a time when we realize our old "interview pants" aren't going to cut it anymore. If you work in an office setting or are hoping to, investing in a quality, fitted suit is just something that you have to do. Sure it may seem like a boring investment, but luckily you can get a lot of wear out of the separates.

3. A Leather Bag

Shop: Nordstrom

A quality leather bag is something you will literally use every single day of your waking life, so make sure it's a good one. Pick something classic in a size that works for your lifestyle and you'll never regret it.

4. Black Heels

Shop: Neiman Marcus

Every woman needs a killer pair of black heels. They are the foundation of any good outfit, and should not be purchased at a fast-fashion retailer. Find a nice pair that makes you feel sexy and confident when you put them on.

5. A White Button Down

Shop: Nordstrom

A white button down is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in the world. Dress it up with a pencil skirt and heels, dress it down with distressed denim and slides. Just make sure the one you purchase is made of high quality cotton or silk, and not a cheap material that won't wash or wear well over time.

6. A Nice Piece of Jewelry

Shop: Net-a-porter

While cheap costume jewelry has it's purpose, every women should treat herself to one, nice piece of fine jewelry. Whatever your price point, there is something lovely out there for everyone.

7. A Statement Dress

Shop: Net-a-porter

Sometimes you want an outfit that makes you stand out at a party and feel powerful. A statement dress from your favorite designer, though sometimes pricey, can be a game changer for your wardrobe. Plus, if you pick one that really flatters you, it will always be your signature piece and never go out of style.

8. High-Quality Denim

Shop: Levi's

Invest in a good pair of jeans. You wear them almost every single day, and no one wants to see baggy knees and a baggy bottom. Organic cotton denim with metal rivets, a high stitch count, and made sustainabley and ethically should be your goal.

9. A Well-Fitting Bra


Go see a professional and get yourself fitted. Trust me, so many women are walking around with back aches, saggy boobs, and lumps and bumps where they shouldn't be. This is especially true for women with larger chests, or uneven sizes. When you feel supported, that's the first step to feeling confident.

10. A Warm Coat

Shop: J. Crew

The outer layer of your entire look is the piece that people see first, therefore it should look just as polished, cool, or professional as the rest of you. Plus, who wants a cheap winter coat that doesn't even keep you warm? Your coat should make a statement about your personal style, and be functional.

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