10 Scrumptious Sakura Sweets

10 Scrumptious Sakura Sweets

Sakura, or cherry blossoms, make delicate treats that have many executions. There's a gelatin craze, which looks really cool when you have floating blossoms in it. But there's also really awesome cake executions as well. Typically served in the spring time, when the trees actually bloom, the good news is you can get the blossoms for these recipes all year long! If you have a small, intimate gathering coming up, these would be perfect to serve! Check out how incredibly beautiful they all are!

Sakura Kanten Jelly Dessert

Using actual sakura flowers and gelatin, this treat is best served chilled.
Find the recipe at: Little Miss Bento

Sakura Cookies Recipe

Typical sugar cookies are elevated by sakura essence and preserved sakura flowers.
Find the recipe at: Yunomi

Sakura Ukishima

Ukishima translates to “floating island” and is a traditional, two-layered Japanese steam cake.
Find the recipe at: Wagashi Maniac

Cherry Blossom & Matcha Layer Cake

A layer cake made with matcha, pickled cherry blossoms and cherry blossom syrup, this layer cake is guaranteed to stun.
Find the recipe at: My Fudo

Sakura Mochi

This mochi is made with sweet rice, red bean paste and pickled sakura leaves.
Find the recipe at: Just One Cookbook

Sakura Rare Cheese Dessert

White chocolate, cream cheese, gelatin and raspberry puree create a perfectly chilled sakura treat.
Find the recipe at: Cook Pad

Sakura Jelly

A simple jelly dessert made with salted sakura and sakura honey syrup.
Find the recipe at: Bento Monsters

Sakura Roll

A jam and whipped cream filled souffle roll sponge gets an extra flavor boost when pickled sakura cherry blossoms baked into it.
Find the recipe at: Anncoo Journal

Cherry Blossom Macarons

These macarons with a delicate cherry blossom buttercream filling couldn't be more sweet.
Find the recipe at: Anna and Blue

Cherry Blossom Meringue Cookies

Cherry blossom extract turns a normal meringue into a special sweet confection.
Find the recipe at: My Fudo

Aren't those incredible? What special occasion would you serve them at?

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