10 Super Adorable Mini Cakes

10 Super Adorable Mini Cakes

They may look like adorable doll food accessories, but miniature cakes are definitely real. About the same size as a traditional cupcake, mini cakes take all of the delicious layers of large cakes and turns them into something tiny and delicious. The tiny treats are perfect for showing off at parties and adding a little bit of fun to any table; plus they're just plain cute.

Mini Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cakes

Delicious, moist chocolate cake layered and topped with a rich homemade strawberry buttercream frosting and covered in chocolate ganache and individual chocolate covered strawberries.

Recipe at SugarHero

Mini Chocolate Molasses Cake

These chocolate molasses spice cakes are covered in a delicious buttercream and warm caramel sauce.

Recipe at Always with Butter

Mini Oreo Sprinkle Cakes

Chocolate Oreo cake rolled in delightful swiss buttercream and colorful sprinkles, these cakes definitely have a lot going on.

Recipe at Sprinkle Bakes

Mini Double Chocolate Berry Cakes

These tiny chocolate cakes are frosted with homemade chocolate ganache and topped with fresh berries, creating a perfectly simple, individual treat.

Recipe at The Kitchen McCabe

Mini Ice Cream Cake Cones

Tiny crunchy ice cream cones hold these simple frosting covered chocolate cakes.

Recipe at Pizzazzerie

Mini Pumpkin Layer Cakes

Fluffy pumpkin cakes frosted with deliciously simple vanilla bean frosting; these flavorful cakes are perfect for any time of the year.

Recipe at Cake Merchant

Mini Funfetti Birthday Cakes

This homemade Funfetti cake is the perfect birthday treat for one!

Recipe at Best Friends for Frosting

Mini Black Forest Cakes

Rich chocolate cake filled with delicious pastry cream and covered in Kirsch syrup and chocolate curls, talk about a chocolate overload!

Recipe at SugarHero

Mini Pink Raspberry Vanilla Cakes

These delightful yellow cakes are sparsely covered with vanilla frosting and filled with sweet raspberry jam.

Recipe at Liv for Cake

Mini Chocolate Layer Cakes

Recipe at Sweet and Savory by Shinee

Two layers of delicious chocolate cake filled with nutty pistachio buttercream.

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