10 Twists on Classic Monkey Bread

10 Twists on Classic Monkey Bread

You probably aren’t tired of monkey bread. That delicious caramelized baked gift from the goddess herself. But on the off chance you are, or you’re just anxious to expand your monkey bread palette, this is the list for you. We’ve collected a batch of 10 monkey bread recipes with a twist. Resist them if you dare. Oh, and these are all from scratch, so save those cans of dough for another day.

Cheddar Mustard Monkey Bread

Looking for a savory but sweet option? This bread is filled with dijon, cayenne, and extra sharp cheese.

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Drunken Monkey Bread

Need a little hair of the dog with your sweet treats. Look no further than this bourbon infused version.

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Cheesy, Savory Monkey Bread

Keep the savory train going with this version that uses onion and gruyere for a smooth creamy taste.

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Glazed Lemon Monkey Bread

If you love monkey bread, but get overwhelmed for the cinnamon, trying incorporating zest into the dough and topping it with a sweet but zingy glaze.

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Parmesan, Herb, and Garlic Monkey Bread

Flavor your pull-apart bread with a mix of thyme, rosemary, and garlic for a savory side dish. Served with a warm marinara sauce, it’s hard to resist.

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Savory Monkey Bread with Dill Butter

This simple bread is dressed up with melted butter infused with fresh dill and sea salt.

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Cherry Cheesecake Monkey Bread

Finally some genius discovered the ultimate dessert. This treat has a graham cracker coating, cherry pie filling, and cream cheese icing.

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Apple Fritter Monkey Bread

It’s as good as it looks and is filled with apples and cinnamon, coated with cinnamon, and laced with caramel sauce and a sugary glaze.

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Spinach Feta Pull Apart Garlic Bread

We found some dinner plans for you. This recipe uses tender baby spinach, crumbled feta, and a bulb of garlic.

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Eggnog Monkey Bread

It might not be the season for eggnog, but there’s never a bad reason to enjoy its rich flavors. The dough for this monkey bread has nutmeg, while the drizzle glaze adds the eggnog flavor.

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BONUS: Homemade Monkey Bread

In case you’ve made it through the list and are still just jonesing for a traditional MB, here’s the recipe for the original crowd pleaser.

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