10 Unique Workout Classes To Try

10 Unique Workout Classes To Try

It is a new year, and that means that it is time to try new things, but more importantly, get in shape! Going to the gym is not the only option anymore, with the emergence of so many different kinds of workout classes and programs it can actually be hard to decide. However, by going outside of your comfort zone and new workout classes (and also by signing up for ClassPass) you might just find something that you really love. And hey, if you find a workout class that you can't live without, it could literally change your life. Some of us have a really hard time forcing ourselves to workout, but if you find a unique class or two that you don't hate...and might actually enjoy, you could change your body and attitude. Check out 10 unique workout classes to try here!

1. Aerial Yoga


Aerial yoga combines the practice of yoga with aerial fitness, and it is an absolute blast! While being quite challenging, this class will have you flying, floating, and hanging in mid air, a must try!

2. Real Ryder

Rvc Ryde

Real Ryder takes cycling to a whole new level. In this special class, you can actually steer, lean, and balance on your stationary bike. You can find these classes at gyms or independent studios, or you can purchase a Real Ryder bike for you home and workout with the Real Ryder DVDs!

3. Fitwall

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Fitwall is an intense, yet fun 40 minute class where you utilize a 7 foot Fitwall to jump and climb to get your heart rate going. While listening to fun dance music, you will burn a lot of calories, and it will be over before you even know it!

4. Stiletto Workout Class


While this class might not be for everyone, those of us that love walking around in our stilettos will probably enjoy this seductive . While wearing your stilettos, you will dance, strengthen your legs, and feel super sexy. Give it a try!

5. Pound


Pound is an absolute blast! In this dance centered class, you use weighted drum sticks called Ripstix, to use while you dance, and pound all around the room. Having a bad day and need a good workout? Go pound it out at a pound class!

6. Kangoo Jump


Kangoo Jump is one of the most unique workout classes out there. By wearing the required shoes that sit on large springs, Kangoo Jumps, you will be dancing and hopping around working on your strength, stability, and core.

7. Trampoline Workout


The trampoline workout can be found at independent studios, certain gyms, and on DVD. Each person in the class has their own individual trampoline, and utilize it to dance, jump, and work those legs. It is a really fun class, you will barely realize you are actually working out!

8. Hoopnotica


Hoopnotica is a hula hoop based workout that incorporates weighted hula hoops into a specific workout routine. This class will make you feel like you are a kid again, and you can find it at a gym or an independent studio, or even purchase the Hoopnotica hula hoop and DVDs, and do this class at home!

9. Piloxing

Workout Spots

Piloxing is a fun and unique workout class that combines the strength of pilates, with the stamina of boxing. This class will make you feel feminine and strong, give it a shot!

10. Surfset


Surfset uses the workout that you get when surfing, and applies it to an indoor class. By using balance and strength on your own individual Surfset board, you will get the same workout you do while surfing, without having to get in the water!

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