12 Mean Girls Gifs That Are ALWAYS Relevant

12 Mean Girls Gifs That Are ALWAYS Relevant

On April 30th, 2004, Mean Girls debuted in theaters and made the world a better place. The Plastics were the original #SquadGoals. Damian was "too gay to function" while simultaneously being the gay BFF we always wanted. And Cady with a "C" was Lindsay Lohan at her best. Despite being over 10-years old, Mean Girls is as relevant as ever, and these GIFs prove it.

You're stumbling over your words in front of your hot crush:

TBH, I still use this word when I'm flirting. If the person doesn't get the reference, it's time to move on. (Gif source)

Your friend asks you about her new perfume, and you can't help but say:

What does a baby prostitute actually smell like? 

Owning your popularity:

It's not your fault! (Gif source)

We've all asked a stupid question before:

I love you Karen, but please stick to predicting the weather. (Gif source)

The day we all want our crush to ask us what day it is:

Here's to meeting your husband or wife on October 3rd! (Gif source)

After watching anything by Shonda Rhimes or reading anything by Nicholas Sparks:

#TheFeels (Gif source)

Please stop asking us personal questions:

Back off human we're not interested in! (Gif source)

The loving Mom we all need in our lives:

She's just so helpful. (Gif source)

You always preface shopping by shouting:

Because compared to you, everyone's a loser. (Gif source)

During the worst of diets:

The research is in, and it turns out butter is actually a fat. Silly Regina George. (Gif source)

We don't care if the word doesn't work, we still use it:

Apparently, "savage" is what the kids are saying these days. (Gif source)

And finally, the fashion rule we always follow:

I literally have closet space reserved for my Wednesday pink clothes. (Gif source)

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