15 Adorable Cakes that Celebrate Bakers

15 Adorable Cakes that Celebrate Bakers

Everyone knows the old nursery rhyme about the Bakerman right? Patty cake patty cake baker's man bake me a cake as fast as you can. Well, despite the rhyme, baking a cake let alone creating one isn't as easy or as fast as a task as we would like and this is why we should appreciate not only the cake but the work that our bakers put in. So, the next time you want a cake made, how about one to celebrate your favourite baker?

Design by Joonie Tan

Design by Denise

Design by Just Because CaKe

Design by Creative Cakes by Julie

Design by The Baker's Nook

Design by Artisan Cakes by e.t.

Design by A Piece o Cake

Design by The Royal Bakery

Design by 2bites

Design by Sugar Rattle

Design by The Cake Diosa

Design by Make Me My Cake

Design by Sweet Treasures (Ann)

Design by The Cake Tin

Design by Spongecakes Suzebakes

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