15 Incredible Ice Cream Cone Cakes

15 Incredible Ice Cream Cone Cakes

A bowl of ice cream with a large slice of cake isn't something unheard of but why have your ice cream separate and why go for a bowl? Life is more exciting in a cone and these ice cream cone inspired cakes are incredible. Check them out.

Design by Katharine Sabbath

Design by Sugar Hero

Design by Rose Bakes

Design by katherine_sabbath

Design by Sweetest Kitchen

Design by teacheramanda

Design by makeprettycakes

Design by misterc

Design by luckygurl1203

Design by EnglishCakeLady

Design by teaparty

Design by Swoon Cakery

Design by Miso Bakes

Design by Cakes and Biscuits by Lisa

Design by Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

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