15 Sailor Moon Inspired Cakes and Bakes

15 Sailor Moon Inspired Cakes and Bakes

Sailor Moon has been around for a while! That's probably why she has such a great following. That, or she's just that cute! Her whole world is filled with magic and whimsy, so it's no wonder why so many people want goodies with her involved. In this collection you'll find all sorts of cakes and bakes with the Sailor Moon theme. You'll see decadence and elegance along with fun and bright, simple executions. Some of these were featured in weddings, while others were just for fun. Too bad we couldn't ask Sailor Moon what her favorite one is!

Source: Catwaii Doll

Source: Cat Cakes

Source: Fiction Food Cafe

Source: Bateque Bate Cakes

Source: Petite Fille By JJ

Source: Animated Cupcakes

Source: Tartas Para Desear

Source: Adda Boys Cookies

Source: Little Baker

Source: A Pretty Cake Machine

Source: The Cake Lovers

Source: Jacqueline’s Sweet Shop

Source: The Defective Geeks

Source: The Knot

Source: Cookie Cowgirl

Which style is your favorite? Do they inspire you to create you own?

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