15 Stellar Steampunk Cakes

15 Stellar Steampunk Cakes
Steampunk Airship Cake by Artisan Cake Company

Steampunk is this great phenomenon that focuses on things like gears and metal with a victorian-like vibe. Many people like to modernize this theme and adapt it to their own style, especially when dressing up for Halloween or get-togethers that require you to have a cool and unique costume. When it comes to cakes, the steampunk style was introduced one day and cake artists just ran with it! You'll see some pretty spectacular cakes in this list that will absolutely knock you off your feet. You'll find yourself asking, "Is this really a cake? It can't be!" But it is! They are some incredibly talented people out there!

Source: Sugar Plum Cake Shop

Source: With Love and Confection

Source: Extreme Bakeover

Source: Sweetlake Cakes

Source: Steampunk Tendencies

Source: Johannas Traktor

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Source: Artisan Cake Company

Source: Gimme Some Sugar

Source: Sweetlake Cakes

Source: Kerry Cakes

Source: Karen Keaney

Source: Kara’s Couture Cakes

Source: The Butter End Cakery

Source: Sweetlake Cakes

Which ones had you looking twice? What would your dream steampunk cake look like?

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