15 Totoro Shirts for Every Studio Ghibli Fan

15 Totoro Shirts for Every Studio Ghibli Fan

Who's the most beloved Studio Ghibli character of them all? Totoro, of course! It's time for fans of Hayao Miyazaki to start delighting, because compiled below are 15 of the most creative Totoro tshirts to ever be seen. Whether he's standing solo or surrounded by his many forest friends, this big grey ball of fur is too adorable not to love. Take a scroll through these wardrobe pieces and let us know which one is your must-have (that is, if you can only pick one)!

Image Source: CanisPicta/Etsy

Image Source: TiendaCassette/Etsy

Image Source: ArtrageousWearables/Etsy

Image Source: Ragnarokkr/Etsy

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Image Source: ShopLittlePaws/Etsy

Image Source: HoopPrints/Etsy

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Image Source: PastelTreat/Etsy

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Image Source: FinalElixirClothing/Etsy

Image Source: ForestHaunt/Etsy

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