4 YouTube Beauty Gurus That'll Freshen Up Your Makeup Skills

4 YouTube Beauty Gurus That'll Freshen Up Your Makeup Skills
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Last week I finally went to Sephora to spend the gift card that my mom so sweetly put in my Christmas stocking. As is often the case when I go in there, the spread of glorious, shiny things overtook me, and whilst drunk off of my gift card wealth, bought this beautiful tarte eyeshadow palette....only to get home and remember I have no clue what to do with eyeshadow. Enter YouTube beauty gurus, the benevolent aunties and older sisters that I never had. Thanks to them, from the comfort of my bedroom, I have experts to gently guide me in my eyeshadow journey, and you can too! Check out some favorite YouTube gurus below.

1. Charlotte Tilbury

This British makeup artist teaches her viewers how to do classic makeup techniques in the matter-of-fact manner of your cool aunt who knows everything. Thanks to her super straight-forward step-by-step instruction, the high-quality production value of her videos, and the fact that it's so soothing to listen to her pretty British accent, her videos are great tools to tighten up your makeup skills.

Nugget of Wisdom

"I always believe in...investing in good brushes, because...even if the quality of the products aren't as good, if they don't blend as well...[quality brushes] will always really help you end up with a professional finish"

2. Lisa Eldridge

The New Zealand-born, UK-based makeup artist to the stars, gives us the treat of offering up her expertise for free in her detailed tutorials. Her minimal set frames just the model against a white background, and this, coupled with the easy rapport she has with her models, make it feel as though you're in the room with her while you're putting on your own face! You'll find everything from tutorials on pinup makeup to fun haul videos and skincare info on her channel.

Nugget of Wisdom

"Always look for foundation in daylight...Do the test in the daylight, [and] reassess as the seasons change."

3. Monika Blunder

The fun thing about this celebrity makeup artist's channel is that she brings looks that she's actually done on celebrities such as Kerry Washington, Jessica Alba, and Gigi Hadid to our computer screens, teaching us every step of her process in her gentle, easy manner. You'll learn all the basics from Monika, as well as some out-of-the-box techniques too!

Nugget of Wisdom

"Primer for [eye makeup] is key. It...makes the longevity of the makeup much longer and the eyeshadow so much easier to apply."

4. Mary Greenwell

If your attention span is a little short and you like your beauty info in relatively short, informative bursts, Mary Greenwell is the guru for you. Although she doesn't have her own youtube channel, she's featured heavily on the Get the Gloss channel, teaching us things like how to do the perfect makeup for camera-ready skin and how to do an easy contour.

Nugget of Wisdom:

Makeup at the moment is all about skin. [Highlighter] is a great start."

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