6 Best Movie Workout Scenes

6 Best Movie Workout Scenes

Movies are awesome. That's an obvious statement but they are awesome and inspire us to feats of bad-assery on the Iron Throne. Movie workout scenes are probably the reason about half of us bros work out at all. They make working out look easy and amazing. It's a great bait and switch because in reality that shit is super hard but hey, a little motivational trickery is fine if it gets your ass in the gym. Below are six of the best workout scenes in film. Watch this shit prior to hitting the weights and it'll be like you took a double dose of pre-workout.

6. Team America Montage(source)

This scene is hilarious, includes lifting and has the fucking best montage song ever.

5. Kill Bill Pai Mei Training(source)

Watching The Bride train her arm to be so fucking strong she can punch through a heavy wood plank from point blank range is so awesome it makes me want to train under this hilarious, ancient dickhead. Too bad about that fish head soup...

4. Every Rocky Training Scene(source)

Since Rocky basically invented the workout montage, why not just throw all of them at you at once? This is like a protein shake made out of dinosaur meat and horse steroids.

3. Conan The Barbarian


Conan The Barbarian is one of my favorite movies ever, it's got naked witches, smoking hot, deadly Valkyries and kick ass sword fights. It also opens with a montage of Conan as a child becoming a jacked beast who can split heads like it's his job (it was, he was a gladiator).

2. Unbreakable Bench Press Scene


The ending of Unbreakable (spoiler it's just lame ass freeze frame text) made me so mad I threw my soda at the fucking screen. However, the scene where Bruce Willis realizes he can bench close to 500 lbs with a fucking suicide grip is truly amazing. Also, every single bro ever will relate to the feeling of mystification Bruce has as he realizes what he is capable of. Remember the first time you benched over your body weight? It felt like this, didn't it?

1. Pumping Iron(source)

This is one of the most classic scenes in body building culture. Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about how getting a post workout pump is just like "coming" is hilarious and...startlingly accurate.

I'm sure I missed some of your favorites. Let us know what your favorite workout scene in a movie is! Post in the comments!

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