7 Streetwear Brands That Celebs Can't Get Enough Of

7 Streetwear Brands That Celebs Can't Get Enough Of
Fashion Diction

These days it's no longer just about the high-end designer market in celeb-world. More and more of the star-studded elite are rocking more affordable, high-street brands on a day to day basis. We like this trend in fashion, because it enables us to cop their exact looks without having to shell out an entire paycheck. But which brands are making a huge splash in the street wear scene currently? We've got the intel right here.

1. Dope

Image: Deathly Fresh

Dope was started in 2008 and since it's inception has been seen worn on many celebs from Rihanna to Ashley Benson. Founder Matt Fields was inspired to start this line after recognizing a lack of premium options in the streetwear sphere.

2. Supreme

Image: Advertising & Society

Supreme is one of those rare stores that has such a cult following that every time a new drop comes out, you'll see boys and girls alike lining the block for their chance to pick up a fresh snapback or graphic tee.

3. Hood by Air

Image: The Fashionisto

Hood by Air walks the line between high-fashion and streetwear and somehow manages to be both. What started as a menswear line by Shayne Oliver quickly became a genderless, avante-garde label that appeals to the it-crowd and beyond.


Image: Style Caster

NEFF is one of those skate brands that if you look around enough, you're going to spot someone wearing it regardless of the season. A certain ribbed beanie is basically spotted on every celeb from Kate Upton to Snoop Dogg.

5. Stussy

Image: Stussy

Stussy is another one of those rare cult brands that causes people to lose their minds over the latest drop. This was one of the earliest recognizable streetwear labels started in the 1980's by Shawn Stussy and has continued to proliferate the market, spanning all classes of individuals and celebs.

6. 10 Deep

Image: Fashion Diction

One of NYC's original streetwear brands, 10 Deep has had a major presence on the streets since it's inception in 1995. Scott Sasso drew inspiration from many facets of street culture including punk, graffiti, skate, and hip hop. 10 Deep is a favorite amongst stars like Rihanna and It-Girl model, Ellis Clare.

7. Boy London

Image: Fashion Beyond Fashion

Boy London was a huge hit in the '70s and '80s with people like Madonna, Andy Warhol, and the counter-culture punks and New Romantics. Today it's iconic label still evokes the same memories of the original street culture scene. Spotted on everyone from Nicki Minaj, to Jessi J., to Chloe Sevigny, Boy London has made it's mark in the fashion and music community.

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