Best Gifts for a Capricorn

Best Gifts for a Capricorn
LRoseDesigns on Etsy

The typical Capricorn is a driven, hardworking individual usually concerned with economic security. They appreciate a gift given with as much sincere intent as they put into their every day lives. So they’ll appreciate a handmade gift or something genuine that shows you pay attention to what they like or what they need. But they won’t say no to something luxurious made from all natural materials.

If you still can’t think of something to give your favorite Capricorn, here are 8 gift ideas of what they might enjoy.

All-Natural Handmade Wool Cardigan

Find at woolenmoss on Etsy

100% organic and totally delicate. It’s luxurious, thoughtful, and beautiful. Your sincerity won’t go unnoticed.

Cute Planner for the New Year

Find at Calendars

Because they like to stay organized with their busy schedule, a Capricorn will appreciate an adorable new agenda/planner. Plus, it’s not too late to gift something like this since the Capricorn season ends before January is over!

Serve a Home Cooked Meal

Find recipe at The Kitchn

Capricorns love thoughtfulness, sincerity, and practicality. So not only will a homemade dinner be a practical gift, it’ll come straight from your heart to their heart—and stomach! Whip up an aromatic rustic winter stew that’s perfect for the season.

Handmade Driftwood Art

Find at PeaceLoveDriftwood on Etsy

Another rustic, handmade gift your Capricorn will love and appreciate. They’ll love that it’s completely unique.

Make a Coupon Book

Find at

Because Capricorns are busy and practical, they’ll love that you’re willing to do something for them and help them out without having to be asked. Plus, it’s another thoughtful, homemade option and that won’t go unnoticed!

Buy a Capricorn Necklace

Find at LRoseDesigns on Etsy

The typical Capricorn loves a nice piece of jewelry. This one is handmade to order, so it’ll be one-of-a-kind and beautiful.

Faux Fur Throw

Find at Pottery Barn

Indulgent. Luxurious. Plush. Gift this to them with a note to take some time to relax for a bit wrapped up in this soft, lovely blanket.

Rad New Wallet

Find at Natural Life

Gift the money-conscious Capricorn in your life a new wallet. It’ll show you know them really well!

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