It's Compliment Day: 5 Benefits That Result from Giving Genuine Compliments

It's Compliment Day: 5 Benefits That Result from Giving Genuine Compliments
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Tell us something: When’s the last time that you received a compliment? And after you heard it, how did it make you feel? Whether it’s “You look nice today”, “You did a really good job on this project” or “You’re an amazing wife and mother”, there is something about receiving words of affirmation that can make us feel really appreciated and super special.

That’s why, when we found out that January 25th was National Compliment Day, we knew that we had to do a feature on it! Because it’s our belief that good health isn’t only about how you treat your body but what you do for your spirit (and the spirit of those around you) too!

1. It makes them feel better

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A few years ago, Forbes ran an article with this title: “Study: Receiving a Compliment has Same Positive Effect as Receiving Cash”. Feel free to click on the link to read all of the particulars. However, the bottom line is that when someone receives a compliment, the brain processes it like receiving money in their hand. And who doesn’t feel great when they are getting money?!? When you make the time to point out something that you recognize as being wonderful and valuable in a person, it puts a positive spin on how they see themselves. And that’s truly an awesome thing.

2. It makes you feel better

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Giving not only makes the person on the receiving end feel better. It makes the giver feel good about themselves as well. When you’re giving to someone else, it makes you feel happy. It makes you feel like you are contributing something positive into the atmosphere. And it’s even good for your health. That’s right. There are studies which indicate that people who give have lower blood pressure and even increased longevity. This alone should make you want to run out and compliment someone!

3. It encourages you to think positively

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It’s pretty hard to come up with something good to say about someone if you’re thinking negatively. And that’s why another advantage that comes from giving compliments is it helps you to think on the positive side of things. Some of the perks of looking at the glass as being “half full” is it improves the quality of your relationships, it helps you to become better at problem-solving and also, it’s good for your heart’s health. Plus, positive thinkers tend to be a lot more proactive when it comes to taking care of their overall health and well-being too.

4. It relieves stress and anxiety

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There is nothing good that comes from living with a lot of stress and anxiety. Giving a compliment is one way to keep both from overwhelming you. And when your stress levels are down, you’re less moody, you’re more relaxed, you can sleep better, your libido increases and you’re able to have more energy in order to get through the day.

5. It's contagious

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Usually, when you give someone a compliment, one of two things is going to happen. They are either going to smile and say “thank you” or return the favor by complimenting you too. While this shouldn’t be the motive for why you do it, do keep in mind that handing out genuine compliments is usually something that makes others want to be just as thoughtful. Before you know it, everyone in your office will be feeling good about themselves. All because you decided to give a compliment to someone today!

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