January Dare: 11 Amazing Eyeshadow Looks To Try

January Dare: 11 Amazing Eyeshadow Looks To Try
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January- the month to dig deep into yourself and dare to re-evaluate where you're going, why you're headed there, and how you'll make it. Although switching up your makeup routine a few times a month might feel like a superficial way to change it up, you'd be surprised how going bold on your face might make you feel bold on the inside too! Check out these 11 eyeshadow ideas from a few of my favorite makeup geniuses of Instagram.

1. Gretta Aggazi isn't afraid of sharp lines and pops of color...

2. ...and she also experiments with the softer, wavier side of things.

3. Also, how cool is this sequined look? Genius.

4. Robin Black gives us stunning, lash-to-brow boldness...

5. ...and continues taking us through the beauty goldmine with these glam gold flecks.

6. Lisa Eldridge took these eyes to the sky with showstopping pastel blue...

7. ...and inspires us to try new shapes and color-combos with this look.

8. This party look from Linda Gradin will have all eyes on you...

9. ...and this brow-highlighting stunner will brighten up your day every time you catch your pretty reflection in the mirror.

10. This color-blocked look from Pat McGrath gives us royal inspiration...

11. ...and this heavy-metal look will make you feel like the badass you are.

Happy experimenting!

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