Ready to Learn the Best Foundation Hacks?

Ready to Learn the Best Foundation Hacks?

It doesn't matter how perfect your eye shadow, liner, or blush is, if you don't have a good base for your makeup, it won't even matter. Foundation is what preps the rest of your makeup to either look a mess, or be flawlessly beautiful. While brands and prices range, some of the most important tips have to do with how your foundation is applied. Here are the most useful foundation hacks for your daily makeup application.

1. Wear Sunscreen!

It doesn't matter how great your foundation is if your skin is damaged, so step one is, please use sunscreen! Look for Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Avobenzone in the ingredients list and use at least an SPF 30, applying it evenly until it vanishes. (

2. Check Your Lighting

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We tend to buy our foundation in department stores, or in other stores which are not exactly known for their optimal lighting. Before you buy, ask to step out into a natural light source with a hand held mirror in order to make sure the makeup is a perfect match to your skin.

3. Use 2 Different Shades

Sun exposure and time of year can really effect the tone of your skin, and in fact, your face might have more than one shade on it's plane. Your forehead, where you get the most sun, may be lighter than your jawline, so use the darker foundation where light hits you most, and a lighter shade for the rest. (Women's Health)

4. Different Foundations Have Different Uses

It's okay to have more than one foundation depending on your skin's needs at the time. A liquid foundation may give you better coverage in the dry areas of your skin that tend to flake. Or, you may want a more matte look for the T-zone, but a softer dewy look using a lighter liquid for your cheeks and perimeter.

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5. Change Foundation Based on Weather

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6. Makeup Brushes

While using your fingers to apply your foundation can often be the best option, it can also leave your makeup looking streaky. Brushes are great for a nice even application, plus you will end up using less product. They're especially useful for creams and liquids.

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7. Beauty Blenders

Beauty sponges are all the rage these days. They help give smooth, soft, and flawless coverage. They are simple and fun to use. For step by step instructions on how to use them, and for a review of different beauty blenders, check out this helpful article: Kiss and Makeup-Up Beauty Blog.

8. The Sweep Down Method

Whether you're using a blender, your fingers, or a brush, always sweep down when applying your foundation. You may be used to doing it the opposite way, but sweeping up actually makes those fine hairs look more prominent and can fill your pores, making them more obvious.

9. Contouring

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You can't talk contouring without mentioning Kim Kardashian. Though we may not have her money, fame, or iconic looks, we can learn a few tips from this highly-scrutinized beauty guru. As her makeup artist Rob Scheppy says when contouring, "Think matte for exaggerating shadows and shimmer for highlighting" and, "The general areas you want to darken, are the line under your cheekbones (where your cheeks naturally indent), the area around your hairline, your jawline (to make your face look slimmer and more oval), and the sides or your nose up into the creases of your eyes. You can also bring the darker shade under your chin and down your neck if you want to hide a double chin."

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10. Prime Your Eyelids

Your eyelids are part of your face too, so don't forget to prime them. "To prevent your eye shadow from falling off your lid and settling in the creases, prime your eyelids first with a dab of concealer. If you can't justify spending extra on eye shadow primer, a dab of concealer works just as well."

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Once you've got your foundation application process down to a science, applying the rest of your makeup will become easier, look better, and last longer!

What foundation hacks have you tried? Tell us your recommendations in the comments!

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