The 10 Best 'Hello' Covers

The 10 Best 'Hello' Covers

Somebody can't say the words "hello, it's me" anymore without thinking of Adele. Because this song is so overplayed and worldwide, it's always nice to hear new renditions. We've compiled a list of our 10 favorite 'Hello' covers of every genre and style. What are some of your favorite 'Hello' covers?

Taps cover of Hello is vocal brilliance. Where can I sign up for voice lessons?

Karen Rodriquez's spanglish version is nothing short of stunning. The emotion she invokes pulls us in and makes us want more.
Nothing better than a group of awesome people singing an awesome song.

This loop / acapella cover is nothing short of unique. We love the scenester vibes coming from this.

This reggae cover of Hello actually makes the song a bit more optimistic. We love it.

If you're looking for an angelic, indie-esque cover, Holly Henry is your girl.

Alice Olivia is serving us Celine Dion vibes in this soulful cover of Hello.

This punk goes pop style cover by Set The Scene will have you feeling like you're in 2007 again.

Wiz Khalifa is cracking us up with his spin on 'Hello.' Where can we buy this on iTunes?
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