The Top 10 Foods You Should Definitely Be Buying Organic

The Top 10 Foods You Should Definitely Be Buying Organic
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If money were not an issue, chances are you'd be buying the organic versions of every food you keep in your home. Organic foods are generally a bit pricier, but there are myriad reasons why they make sense. They are not only better for your body, but generally better for the planet as well. The most important reasons to shop organic include avoiding harmful chemicals used during growth process, major health and taste benefits, and sustainability. But do you have to buy everything organic? Hopefully some day, everything will be grown sustainabley and organically, but until then here are the most important food items to shop organic.

1. Blueberries

Image: Growers Own

Blueberries are often covered with harsh pesticides. In fact, over 50 pesticides have been detected on the common, non-organically grown blueberry.

2. Beef

Image: WIBW

The hormones that have routinely given to cattle have been linked to instances of cancer in humans more times than is safe to ignore.

3. Apples

Image: Health Connect 101

Because fungus and insect's infect apple crops, more than 45 pesticides are used to control those issues. That's 45 harsh poisons you could be letting into your body when you bite into a crisp Granny-Smith.

4. Strawberries

Image: Marketplace Life

Not only are there a large number of pesticides found on non-organic strawberries, but because of the large bumpy surface area, simply washing them won't rid you of all the chemicals, which stick to the outside like glue.

5. Grapes

Image: Organic Center

One of the highest pesticide rates make grapes a dangerous fruit to buy if they aren't organic. Even raisins end up having high-pesticide residue after the sun-drying process.

6. Popcorn

Image: Homemade-bites

If you frequently eat microwave popcorn, beware. The linings of the microwave bag contain a harmful chemical called perfluorooctnoic acid, which is likely a carcinogen.

7. Milk

Image: First we Feast

Dairy accounts for up to 70% of the estrogen we consume through food. The hormones given to cows are then passed to us through non-organic meat or milk. We also end up consuming a chemical which is meant to stimulate milk production and that just doesn't sound like a natural addition to our bodies.

8. Celery

Image: Naturnoa

Celery has one of the highest pesticide rates of any fruit or vegetable on the market. Consider buying organic or switching to radish or bok choy.

9. Peaches and Nectarines

Image: Erin Nudi

Peaches and nectarines are always on the top of the Dirty Dozen list of foods with the highest pesticide residues. Always go organic with these imports.

10. Leafy Greens

Image: Daily Health List

Kale, collard greens, and lettuce also often make the Dirty Dozen list, so buy organic to avoid all the the harsh pesticides used to grow these vegetables.

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