Urban Jungle: 17 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate With Plants

Urban Jungle: 17 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate With Plants

Scattering a few plants around your living space is an easy way to bring color, shape, texture and energy to your house or apartment — they’re essentially living art. But plants aren’t just pretty to look at: the American Horticultural Therapy Association has found that keeping them in and around your house has a number of psychological benefits, including increased self-esteem, improved mood and sense of well-being, reduced stress, and increased feelings of calm, relaxation and stability. Decorating your living space with house plants, like succulents and cacti, is also a simple way to boost the air quality in your home. No room for a lavish garden? No problem — here are 17 beautiful ways to turn your apartment or house into a literal urban jungle.

1. Use a large succulent or cactus terrarium as a pretty centerpiece, or arrange a cluster of smaller ones on a shelf or desk. They’re easy to customize and make great gifts.

Source: Sunshine and Succulents

2. Assemble a freshwater terrarium using lilypads and other aquatic plants for a more unconventional look.

Source: ArtSea Chic

3. Or go for an earthy look with a moss terrarium. You can add trinkets and ornaments to it, or leave it unadorned and completely organic.

Source: Etsy

4. Hang a few succulents from the ceiling — you can make your own macrame planters, or fashion a boho version using beads and string.

Source: Brit + Co

5. Don’t have a green thumb? Air plants are just for you — they’re low maintenance and don’t require any soil. Hang them from your ceiling in glass globes to show them off.

Source: Centro Garden

6. Can’t hang plants from your ceiling? Use a rod …

Source: Plan B by MORGANOURS

7. ... A wall …

Sources: Etsy (top), Etsy (bottom)

8. ... Or brighten a window ledge with a planter full of greenery.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

9. For a more minimalist look, show off a moss ball terrarium ...

Source: Etsy

10. ... Or try the latest trend in house plants: indoor hydroponics (growing plants without soil).

Source: My Domaine

11. Decorative plants can be functional, too. Use a pair of succulents as bookends ...

Source: CountryLiving

12. ... Or grow an herb garden in your kitchen.

Source: Tidbits and Twine

13. Make your display as much about the planter as the plants by potting your flora in vintage teacups or antique tins.

Sources: Brit + Co (top), Mollie Makes (bottom two)

14. Go bold with an indoor citrus plants — you’ll have fresh fruit at your fingertips.

Source: Apartment Therapy

15. Know your way around a toolkit? Build this succulent-filled side table yourself.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

16. Give your abode a contemporary edge by planting your favorite succulents in this hanging lamp.

Source: Object/Interface

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