What is the Best Time of Day To Workout?

What is the Best Time of Day To Workout?

Many people question when the best time of day to workout is. While we all wish there was a certain time of the day that would give us maximum results, everyone is different. And quite honestly, whenever you can fit in a workout, is a good time. Here are some helpful tips to make each workout feel like it's the best time to workout.


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Morning workouts are recorded as the easiest time to workout for consistency. If you make a workout part of your morning routine, then you get it out of the way first thing in the morning. It's best to get your workout in before you let other time pressures from the day interfere. Plus, it prevents you from coming up with the excuse of being too exhausted to workout from the day that you've left behind. Just be sure to warm up your muscles before beginning your workout. If you begin a workout on cold muscles you are at risk for injury.

Before a Meal

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Exercise at lunch before you eat your meal, or right after work before dinner. It is best not to eat your meal right before working out, as your body is trying to digest your food. When working out, you want the blood to go to your muscles, but if you eat a large meal right before, the blood will be busy working on the digestive tract. If you want to get a little food into your system before you eat, try having a small snack like a granola bar or a banana.

Not Too Late

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While the gym may empty out when it's late at night, make sure not to stay too late or at least give yourself enough rest time before hitting the hay. Before going to bed, your heart rate and body temperature need to be rested. Exercising too late can actually sabotage your night's sleep, preventing you from getting all of your beauty sleep.

Test it Out

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Try working out in the morning for a couple of weeks then switch it up to a later time. Only you can tell when the best time is for you. You want to feel great about how you did in your workout and how you felt going into it. If you just don't have the energy after work, the morning may be your answer. You want to get the most out of your workout and not feel exhausted going into it.

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